March Favorites 2024✨

Here is an overlook at some of my favorites of the month of March. Not everything made this list, but these were my top 3 of each category!



Ariana Grande released her new album Eternal Sunshine, I have been listening to her songs “bye” and “we can’t be friends (wait for your love) on repeat. Ariana’s music has grown so much, and this album really shows for it. Also the music video for “we cant be friends” had me in tears!

Olivia Rodrigo just recently released a deluxe version of her album “Guts”. I have been listening to her song “Obsessed” 24/7, even when it wasn’t officially released yet. Olivia never fails when it comes to music and I was so excited when she finally released 5 new tracks!

Conan Gray is releasing his third album “Found Heaven” in the beginning of April, but he released another single, “Alley Rose.” This song and how he incorporates his voice and lyricism is everything that I love about him and this song. I cannot wait to hear this song and this album live in September!!


One Day is a limited series on Netflix that I finally got around to in the beginning of March. When I say I sobbed, I sobbed. I loved the storyline and the plot of this series and I do recommend to others.

I usually don’t watch documentaries but I saw this trending all over social media so I gave it a watch. “Quiet on Set” is streaming on HBOMax and has taken over the internet this week. I was blown away by the different storylines following Dan Schneider and the actors including, Amanda Bynes and Drake Bell. I can not wait for the last episode to come out shortly!

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour movie was just put on Disney+ and my sister, her friend and I watched it over spring break (because of course). The way Taylor is taking over the world right now is just amazing. This film just reminds me of the memories I made when I saw her live back in June 2023. I will forever and always 😉 love Taylor Swift and all she does for the world.



Ive only recently discovered Tru Fru and I am obsessed with it. I always love a sweet treat and these easily fulfill those cravings. The flavors that I have tried, will now always have a special place in my heart <3

My love for Aquaphor has made a comeback this month. I use it a lot on my tattoos but I started to use it to moisturize my lips because my lips get real dry real fast. I used it so much I need to repurchase fast because Im running out!!

This mascara is my holy grail. This month I had to make a repurchase of it because I ran out, but I swear on this product. One, its only $5 and two, it gets the job done. I will never recommend a mascara more than this one!!