April Favorites 2024

Here is an overlook on my favorites in the month of April! This month, there was a lot of media that was released or just became a favorite of mine! This blog is all about my favorite media of the month!!


THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT: The night I found out that Taylor Swift was going to release a BRAND NEW ALBUM, it left me with my jaw to the floor. This album did just that, my jaw is STILL on the floor. This is Taylors 11th studio album. A couple of hours after it dropped, she dropped another varient of the album leaving us with 31 whole new songs. No Swiftie was prepared for this. This album, for me, is just Taylor pouring her heart out and digging deep with her emotions, which I love. My top 3 songs from the album (as of right now) are: But Daddy I Love Him, Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me, and loml. It will take a lot more time for me to digest this album, but for now I am in LOVE with it!

GOOD LUCK BABE!: This is a new single by the one and only, Chappell Roan. I recently saw Chappell live, when she was opening up for Olivia Rodrigo and after that night I fell in love with her music. This song just has something in it that pulls you in. I don’t know if its the beat or not, but its so GOOD that I can’t stop listening to it. The past few years, I feel as if pop music has lost its sound, and this song really said, girl pop is back!

OLDER: This is Lizzy McAlpines 3rd album release. This album broke me the first time I listened to it, and it still does. I didn’t expect her to pull at my heartstrings as much as she did. This album feels more like her as a person, which I love. My top 3 from this album are: Broken Glass, All Falls Down, and The Vortex. Her first single, Older, really set the mood of the album and is also one of my favorites of the album. I love Lizzy and I am proud she was able to accomplish another great album.


RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 16: I’ve just recently started watching this show, and the newest season was ongoing when I started. The season just ended about 2 weeks ago and wow. The girls this season were really good and every episode I was glued to my seat. My top three who I wanted to have in the end, were in the end! (No spoilers), but my #1 girl did get third place, which is fine. But if you want to watch something that is funny, kind hearted, and just enjoyable, than I recommended watching RuPaul’s Drag Race (any season).

Little Women (2019): I FINALLY had the chance to sit down this week and watch this movie when it was on my watchlist for years. IT. WAS. AMAZING. The plot, the characters, the message behind everything was PERFECT. I love Greta Gerwig as a director, as I loved her other two films: Lady Bird and Barbie. She really embraces how it is to be a women in this society, which is something we need to see more in media. I usually don’t like historical pieces, but I was instantly hooked within the first 10 minutes. I felt all the emotions during this film, so I do recommend for someone who loves a good movie with a good message to it. On my Letterboxd account, I rated this move a 5/5 because I fell in love with it.


Therapuss by Jake Shane: This past year, I have really gotten into listening to podcasts. One of my favorites is Therapuss, hosted by Jake Shane. Jake Shane is an influencer who released a podcast at the beginning of the year called, “Therapuss”. His podcast is all about him and his guests debriefing on his fans stories they write in asking for his opinion/help on it and having a little therapy session. This month, two of my people ever were guests on his pod, Conan Gray and Brittney Broski. I just love the content of the podcast and Jakes energy, which makes me listen to it every week!

The Broski Report by Brittney Broski: Another one of my favorite podcasts to listen/watch is The Broski Report, hosted by, the one and only, Brittney Broski. The rundown of The Broski Report is that it is all over the place which is why I love it. I have followed Brittany for years because I love how she speaks her mind and doesn’t think twice about it. Every single week, you don’t know what you are going to get because there is just so much that goes through her mind and its great. If I would recommend a podcast it would be this one!