Spring Break 2024 ☀️

The 2024 spring break was much needed, as the second semester was starting to get stressful and overwhelming. But the much needed week off fulfilled the needs of rest and having fun!

Olivia Rodrigo Concert 💜

One of the best things I did over break was go to the Olivia Rodrigo Guts World Tour in St. Louis, Missouri at the Enterprise Center. I’ve seen Olivia in concert back on her Sour Tour in 2022, but it was nice to see her again in a bigger arena setting. I purchased tickets back in September, which seemed forever ago. I went with two of my friends, and I couldn’t have asked to go with two better people!

Traveling to the concert took awhile but in the end it was so worth it! It was a 5 hour drive from one of my friends house. It was nice to go on a little roadtrip before the show! We had a cooler of snacks, energy drinks, and water so we didn’t have to stop. We also switched on who drove, so 1 person didn’t have to drive the entire way to the arena. After a long 5 hours, we finally reached St.Louis!!

Once we arrived in St.Louis, we went to a Tex-Mex restaurant that was close to the arena and got food. After we ate, we got ready in the car and headed the the arena! We took a lot of pictures while we were walking. We than proceeded to wait in line, and get our tickets scanned! We made it just in time for the opener, Chappell Roan, who was really good!

Around 8:30 was the time Olivia took the stage! All throughout the night we screamed, cried, and sang our little hearts out. One of my favorite songs that she sang that night was “The Grudge” off of her second album Guts. The show ended around 10:30 and we just sat there in disbelief of what we just saw!

After the show ended we had to drive home for 5 hours. The drive wasn’t bad, since we had food, energy drinks, and the radio turned on blast to keep us up. We ended up getting back around 3:45am. This night was amazing and I will cherish the memories I made that night forever! <3

Trip to Minneapolis/St.Paul 🏙️

Towards the last couple of days of break, my mom, my sister, her friend, and myself went to the Twin Cities. My sister and her friend had plans to see Olivia Rodrigo in St.Paul. My mom and I decided to go explore downtown while they were at the show. The next day we all went to the Mall of America to go shopping. I didn’t buy anything because I am a broke college student.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Overall, this spring break was one to remember! 🙂